Laminate Flooring Warranty

Warranty Warning

Though it is tempting to let a warranty length sell you on the quality of products, please don't rely too heavily on any products TERMS of their warranty. A lifetime warranty, does not mean that a product is more durable than a product with a 10 year warranty. In fact we are always suspect when we see lifetime warranties, as no product will last 50 years.

Then how can companies offer this you ask? Well they have expensive attorney's that wrote their warranties very carefully. The require that your flooring be installed by a professional (licensed installer), which off the bat voids over 50% of laminate flooring. Then they require it is installed with THEIR brand of padding which seldom has any bearing on how a floor wears. The insist that you use THEIR cleaning products, etc. At the end of the day very few customers actually have a warranty left on their products, and if they do, good luck collecting.

We only carry reputable products, that we have tested ourselves. All our employees, owners, and many of our truck drivers have our flooring in their homes. We have less than .01% in warranty claims. This is because we only carry high end products. We test products ourselves, and have them installed PRIOR to carrying them on our web-site. If any issues arise, we address them immediately and pull any products (or brands) that have manufacturing issues.

So our advice is when viewing a product, don't weigh in the length of warranty to heavily, test the product itself. See how it holds up to abuse, damage, water, make sure the product locks together tight and that you cannot pull a "gap" in the locking mechanism when locked together and flat. This means that your lock is not snug and will allow dirt, debris, and water to get in between your boards. Read our free shopping guide to help you pick the best quality laminate.

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